11 Songs that Should Have Hit Number 1 Before Taylor Swift’s Track 3

Look, we all make mistakes. The problem with Taylor Swift’s mistake is that she and her record company made millions of dollars and probably pissed millions of people off. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it goes like this: She released an album with a fake-out track—Track 3—which consisted of 8 seconds of … Continue reading 11 Songs that Should Have Hit Number 1 Before Taylor Swift’s Track 3

A St. Patrick’s Day Treat

Review (of sorts) for Lunasa with the RTE Orchestra As a music blogger, I often get samples for review. Sometimes, the music I receive doesn’t fit the blog for which I write, and I have to sadly forego the review. In almost every case, I enjoy the music on my own time and wish I … Continue reading A St. Patrick’s Day Treat

My Ultimate Playlist

While I was playing around on iTunes yesterday, I found this fun little feature called Celebrity Playlists. I didn’t realize such a thing existed! It was really interesting to see the kind of music people listen to, from comedians to actors to other musicians. You can learn a lot about someone from their ultimate playlist. … Continue reading My Ultimate Playlist

Taking Your Requests

I feel like a radio DJ, taking requests for blog topics, but the truth is that I just didn’t know what to blog about. To my utter disappointment, Liam has followed his beer-making instructions step by step, so there have been no major mishaps. With nothing else to talk about, I had to ask on … Continue reading Taking Your Requests