The Morning Star


The saga continues as Lily strikes out on her own in New York City. She must find the courage to pursue her dreams outside of her mother’s shadow without Rioghan, who has stayed behind in Ireland to solidify his claim to the throne.  It doesn’t take long before she begins to suspect that all is not well in the Big Apple.  Frightening letters, mysterious new boys, and a gaggle of spiteful classmates threaten her sanity and, she fears, her life.

Recognizing the possible danger, Rioghan sends his trusted friends to guard his love, and the adventure really begins.  Throughout beautiful New England, Lily finds that America’s history is tied tightly to that of Ireland.  New, dangerous creatures lurk in the darkness, commanded and controlled by an unseen foe.  While struggling to remain alive, Lily is also preparing for the performance of a lifetime–one that might allow her to finally leave her mother’s large shadow for good.  In a race against time, Rioghan and Lily once more learn that love can conquer all–even mythical beings and vengeful family members.

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