Side Effects



High school can be Hell on Earth, something Isaac Matthews knows from experience. His ex-best friend is now the biggest bully in school. The medicine for his anxiety disorder is supposed to make him better, but there’s a chance he could just get worse. And then there’s the beautiful, outgoing new girl who shakes his very foundation and grounds him at the same time.

Grace is drawn to Isaac from the moment they meet. She holds his hand through his panic attacks, draws him out of his shell, and changes the way he sees the world. Why would anyone try so hard to help the school freak? She has her reasons.

Warning: Side Effects may include increased heart rate, dry mouth, interrupted speech, elevated body temperature, and dizziness or lightheadedness upon seeing her smile

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Reviews for Side Effects

Side Effects by Jennifer M. Barry is an important young adult work…

A wonderful story, built slowly, lovingly and delivered with Grace…



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