On Writing: Write What You Know? Maybe Not.

Today's post on Fight for Your Write is from Jeanette Grey. M and I shamelessly stalked her (and complimented her profusely) until she agreed to join us for a day. She's a brilliant writer, capable of evoking swoony feelings without any of the cheese. In this post, she tells us WHY she can do that. … Continue reading On Writing: Write What You Know? Maybe Not.

Guest Blog: Writing with Realistic Expectations

My guest blog on writing with realistic expectations was posted to the Fictionista Workshop site. If you're hoping to publish your first novel or considering other options for your next book, maybe the words I shared will help. Writing with Realistic Expectations.

Blog Sharing: The Benefits of Small Press Publishing

David J. Kirk, dear friend and author of Particular Stones, stopped by Fight for Your Write today and said a few words about small press publishing. Go check it out and join the conversation! via The Benefits of Small Press Publishing.