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Jennifer Barry started her entertainment career on a stage but ended up behind a keyboard. The writer’s life is much better suited to her introverted nature, but she uses her opera training at karaoke on occasion. She lives in Nashville with her hilarious Irish husband, Liam, who’s found moderate Internet fame among Jen’s Facebook friends and blog followers.

Jen wrote her first book at age twelve, and has cringed over it every day since. To date, she’s completed more novels than she could ever count and has published four. The first two, The Kingdom and The Morning Star, were inspired by her husband’s homeland and feature Irish mythology, a bit of her opera background, and some forbidden love. Side Effects, the third, is a love letter to teens suffering from mental illness and learning disabilities while navigating the hell that is high school. The fourth, Going Under: The Oracles of St. Ambrose, is a teen paranormal mystery set in her hometown of Nashville. Jen intended the books to be an homage to some of her favorite authors from childhood: Meg Cabot, Carolyn Keene, and Lois Duncan.

Jen spends her days working as a freelance marketing copywriter and ghostwriter, a job she does from her couch in Nashville. Her greatest fears are fake sweetener and small talk. Among the many loves of her life, she chooses Liam, her family, her furbabies, and craft beer above all.

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  1. Hello, Jen. I’m Mick Jett, a native Nashvillian living in Florida and a new member of the Martin Sisters writers family. Congratulations on your attractive website.

  2. Jen, hoping you and everything in your life in Nashville is fine; also hoping you’ll look out for a Q and A feature about my book Knowing Daniel which will be printed in The Tennessean, if everything goes well and the reviewer doesn’t hate it. I don’t know if newsaper reviews help or not; my novel had glowing comments in the local newspaper, The Tallahassee Democrat, but sales are still anemic. By the way, are you going to enter Amazon’s authors contest? I suggest you do so, here’s a link. BTW everything, including this site, looks pretty in pink.

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