The Kingdom


Trapped on Earth since the fall of Lucifer, Prince Rioghan has left thousands of broken hearts in his wake, and he wants Lily’s to be the next. His father, the High King of Fairies, expects Rioghan to behave like the royal he is, but the challenge Lily presents is too inviting. Accustomed to living in her famous mother’s shadow, Lily guards her heart behind a prickly exterior. The harder she resists, the faster he falls, until she becomes the very center of his existence.

When Rioghan chooses love over the power of the throne, he infuriates his father and upsets the age-old balance between good and evil. A battle is coming–a fight to the death for true love, honor, and The Kingdom.

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3 thoughts on “The Kingdom

  1. Hey Jen! I’m already looking forward to the next installment of The Kingdom Series. Any idea when we can expect it? Also, how does a fan & friend get her hands on Side Effects? I have to say I love your writing style & I can’t wait to read what comes next! So proud of you! Keep up the awesome work! Big hugs & much love!
    ~Amy C. :o)

    1. I hope to have new soon on The Kingdom Series. There has been a bit of moving and shaking, but hopefully all for the better.

      As for Side Effects, I’ll let you know THE MOMENT it’s available! There will be a party of sorts to celebrate again!

  2. I’m SO excited to read ANYTHING you write! You know I’m a book-o-phile of sorts and I’m hardly ever seen without a book. I’m definitely a fan of your writing style & characters, so please do let me know any book news! (I check my Twitter regularly, some would say obsessively…LOL!) Hopefully I’d be able to attend any release party festivities again. Really, keep up the great work!

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