11 Songs that Should Have Hit Number 1 Before Taylor Swift’s Track 3

Look, we all make mistakes. The problem with Taylor Swift’s mistake is that she and her record company made millions of dollars and probably pissed millions of people off.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it goes like this: She released an album with a fake-out track—Track 3—which consisted of 8 seconds of static. That’s it. And it charted. In fact, it hit number one on the Canadian iTunes chart. Guys. NUMBER ONE. FOR 8 SECONDS OF STATIC.

Do you know how many bands out there put out fantastic music and never once see their names on bestseller charts? It’s a lot. A LOT. So, I thought I’d share with you 11 songs that should have topped the charts before Taylor Swift’s Track 3. I mean, really, every song in the world should have, but these are some beautifully crafted pieces of music that deserve the accolades Swift’s 8 seconds of static is getting.

Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes Sun Goes Out

Swear and Shake Like You Do

Bobby Long Devil Moon

The Shins Simple Song

Johnny Flynn Lost and Found

Keri Noble Dancing in the Morning

Kiernan McMullan Can’t Sit Still

Various Cruelties Chemicals

Kate Tucker Where Are You

Jukebox the Ghost Girl

Colony House Keep On Keeping On

Now YOUR turn. Which songs would you have liked to see on the charts before Track 3?

ETA: Looks like iTunes may have been responsible for the glitch, but Swift and Company haven’t commented yet.

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