Another Moment with Irish Author Carol Oates

Carol Oates is one of my favorite people. We've never met (though I hope to remedy this when in Ireland in a few weeks), and sometimes we go months without contact, but when we do get a chat, she's always friendly, engaging, and fun. That's why I love sharing her work with anyone who follows … Continue reading Another Moment with Irish Author Carol Oates

A St. Patrick’s Day Treat

Review (of sorts) for Lunasa with the RTE Orchestra As a music blogger, I often get samples for review. Sometimes, the music I receive doesn’t fit the blog for which I write, and I have to sadly forego the review. In almost every case, I enjoy the music on my own time and wish I … Continue reading A St. Patrick’s Day Treat

Music Makes the World

A few weeks ago, I got to sit down with some pretty cool people and talk about the kind of music I like to hear. American Cadence Records is a company here in Nashville that is dedicated to providing artists a safe haven for their creations, and that’s not something a lot of record companies … Continue reading Music Makes the World