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A few weeks ago, I got to sit down with some pretty cool people and talk about the kind of music I like to hear. American Cadence Records is a company here in Nashville that is dedicated to providing artists a safe haven for their creations, and that’s not something a lot of record companies are willing to do anymore. Logan Buerlein and Kiernan McMullan were brimming with excitement about their new venture, and it made me excited, too – so excited that I want to share what they’re doing with the WORLD!  Obviously, my reach is rather limited, but I do get to tell the people I know all about it.

Here’s the deal: unsigned artists can talk with American Cadence about doing a record – any kind of record – and get the production quality and attention to detail they deserve. Of course, the guys won’t work with just anyone. They have to feel there’s some potential there, but the range of music is wide open. They’re not trying to put people into little boxes or tell the public what the public should be listening to.  This excites me! I can’t wait to hear what they come up with.

But wait! There’s MORE.  They do this series called Wood & Wire, where signed and unsigned artists can record raw and real, acoustic or plugged, and the finished product is a limited edition vinyl. Only one hundred copies are pressed, making it an instant collector’s item. That’s pretty cool, but it’s not the coolest part. The amazing thing is that one hundred percent of the proceeds from the Wood & Wire series are donated to WO Smith Music School here in Nashville.

What is WO Smith Music School? It’s a not-for-profit school that provides music education to underprivileged kids. I’m talking about music classes and private lessons for just fifty cents per session. Those of you who know me know that music education is pretty dear to me – I was once a music teacher. Starting a music school with this kind of service is something I’ve always dreamed about, and someone is doing it better.  I don’t mind that they stole my idea as long as kids are getting the education they deserve.

As you might imagine, I’m pretty stoked about all of this. I shared the information about American Cadence Records, WO Smith Music School, and the Wood & Wire series on Awaiting the Flood, but that’s just not enough for me. More people need to know what these incredible people are doing. I hope people will be inspired to buy American Cadence albums, donate time or money to the school, or just tell more people about it. This is the kind of dedication to music we should be celebrating!

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