Blogger Book Fair: Welcome Allison Blanchard

Forget Me Not by Allison Blanchard


“Blanchard creates a cinematic experience for the readers with her descriptive words and precise details.”

— 5 out of 5 star Amazon Review

“I read the very first line and was hooked until the very last line! It’s a great story line filled with great and relatable characters! I found myself immersed in the world of Great Falls! I am anxiously waiting the 2nd book!”

—5 out of 5 star Amazon Review

“A beautiful tender love story that kept me wanting to read more. A gorgeous hero in Cole, I couldn’t help but fall in love with him. Adeline had a difficult life and is swept away by the unexpected interest from the beautiful new boy at school from the Little Shell Reservation, but Cole has a deep secret that stems back into his tribe, the Chippewa’s, history. Drawn to each other, Adeline tries to unravel the mystery while Cole tries to protect her from it….full marks for Allison Blanchard’s debut novel.”

– Marianne Curley, Author of the Guardians of Time Trilogy, Hidden, and Old Magic.

“The mythology Blanchard wove through Forget Me Not was definitely my favorite part. The Native American legends she constructed were beautifully written and tugged you deeper and deeper into the story…If you’re a fan of shape shifters and paranormal romance I highly suggest Forget Me Not. With its unique storyline it’s sure to drag you in and not let go until the very last page.”

 – Pretty In Fiction Blog

Full Review Here

Blogger Book Fair Allison Blanchard

“Forget Me Not: Book One in the Forget Me Not Trilogy”

“Cole Dyami is a mysterious boy with a dangerous secret. Adeline Jasely is a typical teenage girl. Living in the seemingly normal small town of Great Falls Montana, Adeline is confronted with everyday teenage problems by a not so normal beautiful boy. As Adeline and Cole’s worlds collide, the line between illusion and reality is blurred. According to a tribal legend, Adeline and Cole are no longer two friends, but two pieces in a complicated mystery. Suddenly, Adeline finds herself in a world she never knew existed. Along side Cole, she attempts to unravel the mysteries of the small Chippewa tribe in order to not only find out who Cole Dyami truly is, but who she is as well. As Cole and Adeline begin to uncover the secrets behind the legends of the Chippewa tribe, illusion slowly unravels into reality and friendship gradually melts into a mutual need of survival.”

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Coming This Year:

“Morning Glory: Book Two in the Forget Me Not Trilogy”

This war is far from over. This war is only the beginning.

For Adeline Jasely, the threat of both her life and the lives of those she loves is only getting greater as she delves deeper and deeper into the mysteries of the Chippewa tribe. As she falls more in love with Cole, she must make a choice: stand up and fight for what is right or wait for the next person she loves to be taken away.

Book Two in the Forget Me Not TrilogyMorning Glory continues the saga of Adeline and Cole, their newfound love, and the threat of those who wish to end it all.

Will Adeline grow stronger under the threat of more war and bloodshed or will she be unable to fight for those who need her?

Cover Reveal Coming Soon!

Blogger Book Fair Allison Blanchard

About Allison Blanchard

Allison Blanchard is currently a student at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, Georgia where she is pursuing her bachelor degrees in English Creative Writing and French. She is an active sister in Sigma Alpha Omega where she continues to grow as a woman in Christ. She writes everyday, drinks too much coffee, and is looking forward to the next adventure her characters will take her.

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Blogger Book Fair: Welcome EM Tippetts


Alex had everything when he was with Madison. But the darkness within him wouldn’t go away.

After two years apart, he returns to Pelican Bluffs and to the girl he never wanted to leave. Madison wants to give their love another chance, but Alex can’t fight fate.

He is what he is.

Ruined. Crazy like his mother. And Madison deserves so much more. When his secrets spill out into their small town, Alex has a choice to make. Hide away in the darkness forever, or let love in.

Author Q&A

Tell us 3 fun facts about yourself.

1. I’m half Chinese; my father’s family immigrated from Shanghai in the 1940’s2. My father’s a glider pilot, so when I was a kid I spent a lot of weekends hanging around the airport and flying planes.

3. I’ve got more names than you can shake a stick at. I was born Emily Mary Mah and my Chinese family gave me the name Shi Yue. Then when I married my husband I got the last name, Tippetts, so I can do a lot of different pen names and still have them be my real name.

What book are you currently reading, and in what format?

Hardwired by Walter Jon Williams, as an ebook. I’m going to serialize it for him so I’m reading to find the best places to break each episode.

Do you have a book that you read over and over?

The Bible and the Book of Mormon, but I assume you mean a novel. When I was a kid it was King of the Wind by Marguerite Henry. Nowadays I never find time to re-read a book, though!

Is there a book you know you’ll never read?

The rest of the Twilight series. It just isn’t my kind of thing.

You’re deserted on an island. A genie appears and gives you six wishes. You can’t wish for more wishes, and you can’t wish to be home. You can only wish for three specific items and three people to have with you. What are your wishes?

A computer with magical internet access so I can keep writing. A study home to live in that won’t require a whole lot of maintenance. A boat and fishing equipment.

The people are easy. My husband and two boys!

If you could time travel, where would you go first and why?

To the future, past when I can expect to live naturally, simply because there’d be no other way for me to find out about it.

What are you currently working on, and when can we expect to see it for sale? (title if you have it and a synopsis)

The title is Break It Up and it’s a new adult romance. Kyra Armijo (whom some readers will know from my Someone Else’s Fairytale series) gets the chance to work on a documentary about the chart topping boy band, Triple Cross. As part of the job, she goes on tour with them in Europe where she strikes up a romance with one of the band members. Since she assumes it’s all an act on his part, she doesn’t bother to tell him about her racy past, which would destroy him if the tabloids found out. Things get awkward when she realizes he’s being sincere, and even more awkward when one of the other band members tries to compete for her attention.

Excerpt from Love in Darkness

“We have to break up,” I hear myself tell her. I’m standing on the rocky beach, my back to the crashing surf. In front of me is Madison, gazing up at me with pure pain in those ice blue eyes. Behind her is the rugged rock wall of the cliff face.Her hair is pulled back in a simple ponytail and the breeze stirs the wisps that frame her face. The air is cool, but not cold. “I know myself, all right?” I explain. “The moment you move on, I won’t be able to take it. So I’ve got to let you go.”

“Don’t do this.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Take it back. Please. Alex, I don’t want to break up.” Her eyes are wide, like clear, crystal pools.

“And I need you not to write to me,” I say.

“Why?” Now she claps both her hands over her nose and mouth as if to hold back pain or tears, or whatever it is shining from her gaze.

It takes every ounce of my control not to back down. I have to stop kidding myself and finish this. “Because, I don’t want to know the moment you move on. I just… I need you to give me space.”

“You’re going to Japan. That’s not enough space for you?”

“I’m sorry, all right.” I back away, stepping carefully on the rocky beach. “But it’s not like we were ever going to last.”

“Why not?”

That, I should think, is obvious. Because the two of us together makes no sense. She’s beautiful and popular and has guys lining up around the block for a chance to be with her. I’m a high school dropout with a criminal record and no future. She should be embarrassed to be with me. Eventually we’ll both have to grow up. At least I’ll have the memories.

As I turn away, I hear her scrabble behind me, then the rapid beat of her boots against the stony ground. “Alex, wait.” Her tone is anguished.

I set my jaw against the pain, like I’ve stitched my own heart with a silk thread and am now yanking it hard enough to tear the organ. I keep walking.

She grabs my hand, her supple fingers wrapping around my palm. “Stop.”

I stop, but I don’t turn.

It doesn’t matter because she darts around in front of me and puts one arm around my waist. The other hand she slides up my back to grasp my shoulder. Her soft curves fit against my body. It’s how she always holds me, and I can’t endure it this time. I bow my head and just let the tears fall.

“Alex,” she whispers, touching her forehead to mine, that soft breath against my lips. “Don’t, okay? You promised you’d never hurt me.”

At that I let out a sob. Forget saving face. She knows me for who I am anyway and now she’s wiping away my tears. “Listen,” she says, “you need me not to distract you from your mission, fine. But I’ll always be here for you, and when you come back, I’ll be waiting.” She strokes my cheek with the backs of her fingers and leans up to press her lips against mine.

I don’t want to kiss back, but at the same time, I can’t resist. She runs her fingers through my hair and the kiss goes on and on until I’ve got both arms wrapped tight around her and I’m drinking in her essence, liquid fire that pools in my core. I have to stop this.

But when I do, she doesn’t let me pull back. She leans in and looks me straight in the eye. “I’ll wait for you. I don’t care if you don’t believe me. Let’s not end things with a fight, okay? Let’s end it on a good note for now.”

“Goodbye, Madison.”

“Bye, Alex. For now.”

“I love you.” I don’t mean to say it, but it slips out, my whisper barely loud enough for me to hear it myself.

Madison’s chin snaps up. “What?”

I shake my head, willing her not to press me.


I start to pull away but she reels me back in, not by force, but with her gaze. Her eyes beg me not to leave. She puts one arm around my waist again and slides her other hand up my back. “It’ll be all right. Everything will be all right,” she says.

Available from:





About E.M. Tippetts

Emily Mah Tippetts writes romance as E.M. Tippetts and science fiction and fantasy as Emily Mah. She is a former attorney with degrees in philosophy, politics and economics from Oxford University and business law from UCLA. These days she lives in New Mexico – the place where she grew up – with her family.

She also designs book covers and formats paperbacks and ebooks for her company E.M. Tippetts Book Designs.

website | facebook | twitter

Wraith Enchanted Cover Reveal!

Get Ready for the Second Book in the Mesmerizing Wraith Series

Eeeek! Melissa Fox (who, as everyone knows, is one of my favorite people in the world) just received the cover and release date for book two in the Wraith series, Wraith Enchanted. Because she maybe loves me as much as I love her, she’s letting me share the amazingness here. First, let’s see what this story is about:

Wraith Enchanted

Celia Brian is a witch—and that’s not the worst of her problems. She’s been in love with spell-catching Wraith warrior Jonas Grey her entire life. Sparring partner, friend, confidante—that’s all she expects from Jonas. Beautiful golden gods aren’t meant for mere mortals, even if she does entertain fantasies every once in a while.

After demons murder his wife, the only focus Jonas has is killing his enemies. He lost his Amorta, his soul mate, and doesn’t deserve to be interested in another woman, especially not his good friend and boss’s daughter.

When Celia unearths an ancient riddle that triggers a series of attempts on her life, Jonas’s protective instincts are roused. Bound by a prophecy that could grant their deepest desires or take their lives, Jonas and Celia engage in the age-old battle between good and evil, life and death, and male and female.

Excited? I thought so. Now, let’s look at the cover, created by The Wild Rose Press designer Kim Mendoza.

Paranormal romance novel Wraith Enchanted

So, so excited. Kim carries the brand seamlessly from the first book. If you missed out on that one, you can see it below:

Paranormal Romance debutWant to read a little bit of Wraith Enchanted? I thought so. Fortunately, Melissa is nothing if not generous. She gave me two from which to choose. I’m bringing the heat.

Check Out the Excerpt

“What do you do to me?” he murmured almost to himself as he examined her face. Her blue eyes widened, unfocused, pupils blown. His narrowed. “You’re not conventionally beautiful. You’re not what usually attracts me, but I’m attracted anyway.”

“Great.” She struggled to steady her voice, but the breathless sound made him want to eat her up. “That’s flattering.”

“I don’t mean to flatter. I mean to figure out what it is you’re doing to me.”

“Doing to you?” Celia bit out in a dangerous tone, and her eyes cleared from the thrall of their kiss. “You think I’m doing something to you? I have to use my powers to make you want me?”

He bit back the snappish retort, the snarl brought out by base emotions, and forced his voice to be calm. Even. Forced himself not to grab and run, take and keep. He was going mad. “Who said I wanted you?”

She arched a brow in disbelief, and her gaze traveled down his body to focus below his waist. He twitched and instinctively fought back. It wasn’t in his nature to be bested at anything.

“You do have beautiful eyes.” They shot back to his and widened. He lowered his lids, smoldering her, moving his gaze to her mouth. “Such pretty skin. So soft and smooth. Touchable. Can I touch you, Celia?”

Her mouth parted on a gasp, and he took it for permission. One finger traced along her cheek from the corner of her eye to her mouth.

“Lovely. You’re blushing. Does my touch do that to you? And your mouth.” He lowered his head a fraction of an inch. “So wide and soft.”

His fingertip brushed her lower lip, and her breath hitched. “Made for kissing, isn’t it? Can I kiss you, Celia? Will you let me kiss your pretty mouth?”

“Oh,” she breathed, eyelids fluttering. The enthrallment was back. “Oh. Yes.”

When to Buy

Wraith Enchanted will be available for exclusively for Kindle in July. You know I’ll tweet like crazy the moment it’s available. For print and all other eBook formats, Wraith Enchanted will be available October 18.

Follow Melissa Fox

I’ll tell you everything I know as soon as I know it, but it’s always easier to get the info from the source. Follow Melissa on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and her website to keep up.

On Writing: Write What You Know? Maybe Not.

Today’s post on Fight for Your Write is from Jeanette Grey. M and I shamelessly stalked her (and complimented her profusely) until she agreed to join us for a day. She’s a brilliant writer, capable of evoking swoony feelings without any of the cheese. In this post, she tells us WHY she can do that. Go check it out!

via On Writing: Write What You Know? Maybe Not..

A Moment with Margaret Taylor

Meet Kathy of Wolf’s Paradox

Yesterday, Melissa Fox and I hosted Margaret Taylor on Fight for Your Write, and she was so funny and charming that I asked her to appear here on the site today. Because she’s amazing, she agreed. Margaret did something a little different and let her main character do the talking. So, I’ll shut up and let these ladies speak.


So, I wasn’t sure what I would do today on Jen’s blog.

I was going to do a character interview, then I thought about doing the standard “How-Do-I” post, but frankly those have been overdone.  I also considered doing a “Let’s-Get-To-Know-The-Author”, but again, those are becoming the norm I think.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that you’d want to get to know me.  I do.  No, really, I wouldn’t kid about something like that.  But the truth is, I’m actually quite boring.  Really, I am.

I’m just your average girl, in an unusual situation.  A really, unusual situation.

Let me explain.

My name is Kathy, Kathy Granite.  Yes, like the stone.

And about six years ago, I had this weird dream.  I mean, really weird.  You know the kind I’m talking about?  The ones that are so vivid, you’ll swear on a stack of bibles six feet high, until your dying day that you were there.  In that other place and not just in the dream.  Yeah, I see you nodding over there, so you know what I’m talking about!

Anyway, the only thing I can remember about it was a Wolf.  A gorgeous Wolf too.  He was pitch black with sparkling blue eyes and he stole my heart from the moment I saw him.

Now, when I woke up, I didn’t remember anything else.  I still can’t, to this day!  And I want to.  I do.  Actually, I need too, because it’ll help solve the current crisis I’m in.  But, I can’t.  And big Wolf over there isn’t telling me either.

Oh, did I forget to introduce the hot hunk of man flesh glowering behind me?  Sorry.

Ladies, that’s Ronon Wulfdrak.  He’s the Sheriff of Jensen, South Dakota and a pain in my As…— Sorry, I don’t mean to curse, I really don’t.  But he just drives me…

Never mind.

Ronon, say Hi.


*sighs* See what I mean? But, he’s really a decent sort.  No, truly, he is.  When he’s not growling, grunting or just being generally irritable, I’ve heard he can actually smile!  Not that I would know, mind you.

I smile quite frequently thank you.  When you’re not getting yourself shot, stabbed, or otherwise tortured by Demons!

Ignore him please.

Anyway, where was I?  Oh, yes, the dream.  Well, that night my life really began.  Because when I woke up, tall, dark, sexy and growling over there was sitting next to me on the bed.  In the flesh!  Human flesh even and not as the Wolf I’d met in my dream!

Talk about a shocker…

But, that night spun my world on its head and now, here I am, taking a moment from trying to save the world to make a guest appearance on Jen’s site.

So, that’s my story, sort of.  There’s a lot more to it, I promise you.  I’ve been working really hard – when we’re not running from Demons and all manner of things that goes bump in the night – to get it down on paper.  However, when most of the Underworld is trying to kill you, it’s kind of hard to take time and write it all out, ya know?

And, since I’ve got to run, I’ll add in just a bit more of it below.  Just to give you some sort of idea what I’m up against…


{Pasted from my personal files…}

Chapter One


“It’s my turn!”

“No, it’s mine!”

“Now, wait just a minute.  You both said I could have her today…”

My fingers stopped on the keys and I spun my chair around glaring death rays at the three men standing behind me.  “Enough!?!”  I sighed and dropped my chin to my chest.  “I mean seriously, didn’t we work this out yesterday?”

They actually had the nerve to look shocked.

The first to respond was Tonthor.  The tall Elf blinked his shockingly light-green eyes at me and sniffed haughtily, fisting his long-fingered hands on his hips.  “Now, see here.  There is no need to be snippy.  We were just discussing…”

I held up a finger.  “No, you were arguing.”  I looked at the other two, lifting an eyebrow.  “Weren’t you?”

Cale, the half-dragon I’d met the day before blew smoke out of his nostrils.

Unfazed, I waved to dissipate the cloud.  “Weren’t you?” I said again.

Niro, one of my more frequent visitors, tried to sound appeasing.  He gave me a dashing smile, pointed teeth glittering in the morning light streaming through my floor to ceiling windows.  “Now, now Kathy, we didn’t mean anything by it.  We, just…”

I crossed my arms.  “You were just about to come to blows over who would get to talk first!  Now, I told you all how this works, didn’t I?”

“You did,” They chorused.

I tapped my foot against the faded carpet under my chair.  “Good.  And, what are the rules again?”

They spoke in unison.  “Never interrupt, never badger and never, under any circumstances, raise your voice to gain attention.”

I smiled.  “Excellent!  Now, can I get back to work please?”

Again, the three excessively handsome men spoke in one voice.  “Yes.  We’re sorry.”

“Thank you.  Apology accepted.”  I felt the need though to soothe their egos a bit.  “Niro, why don’t you take Cale into the kitchen?  I think there might be some Venison left in the fridge.”

At the mention of food, Cale licked his lips and his onyx eyes twinkled.  There, that should help distract him from the fact I was going to work with Tonthor for a while…

Once they were gone, I smiled up at the Elf then spun back to my keyboard.  “Do you remember where we were?” I asked, pulling up the word document I needed.

His hot breath fanned across my cheek as he leaned over my shoulder.  “I think I was about to fight the Lord High-Elf for control of the Western Provence…” he said helpfully.

I snapped.  “Yes, yes, thank you.”  I curled my fingers over the keys and picked up where I’d left off.

Tonthar raised his sword, was as far as I got before he interrupted.

“You misspelled my name,” he said softly.

I ground my teeth together.  “The proofreader will catch it.”  He sniffed in my ear and I paused to glare at him again.  “Rule one.”

He shrank back a bit, grimacing.  “Sorry, sorry, please do continue.”

I backspaced, just to shut him up and retyped his name. 

Tonthor raised his sword and bent his head, ready to block the incoming…

“I would never open myself like that.”

I slammed my hands on the desk, rattling books, pencils, papers and various other things I kept handy when writing.  “That’s it, out!?!?”

He straightened and crossed his arms.  “What?  I’m just trying to help, Kathy.”

I pointed toward the kitchen, where I could hear the rather noisy sounds of Cale devouring what was left of the deer I’d bought a couple of days ago.  “Out?!?”

Tonthor sniffed that haughty, Elf like sniff again and arched a perfect eyebrow at me.  “Fine,” he bit out.  “But don’t blame me when the reviews come in and they stink.”  He spun and with a rattle of chain-mail, headed off to join the other two.

Sometimes, it really sucks to be me!

I turned back to my computer, backspaced and tried it again.

Tonthor raised his sword, brow furrowed in determination…

I kept going, typing as fast as my fingers would go.  Despite the interruptions of the last ten minutes or so, I was at a crucial moment in the book and wanted to get down what Tonthor and I had discussed the night before over coffee.

You have to understand, I have a defined love/hate relationship with my current life.  I’m a writer, I’ve always been a writer.  Practically from the first time I picked up a crayon, I’ve been telling stories.  I’ve spent many years honing my craft but what I didn’t know until I was in my late 20’s was that I’m a very special writer.

Ok, hold on, I’m getting ahead of myself a bit here.  Let me just finish this off…

With one swing, he landed the death blow, forever ending the tyrannical reign of the Lord High-Elf Allu Carne Lenovo.

Alright, there.  Now I can take a minute and catch you up on how this all got started.  As I said before, I’ve always been fascinated with the written word.  Early in life, I was making up fantastical things and telling them to my friends, my family, and anyone that would listen really.

What I never said though was I could see the places I was talking about, in my head at least.  And very vividly.  From my earliest memories, I was dreaming them too.  Every night when I went to sleep, I would travel to the places I’d told people about and sometimes even take part in what was going on.

So, it really shouldn’t have been a surprise when, just after my 29th birthday, I woke one night – after a particularly vivid dream – to find the man I’d seen just moments before, sitting beside me on the bed.  At first, I thought I might still be dreaming, but then he spoke and that’s when my life got really crazy.

I’ve never known, or been able to figure out, what triggered this effect, but ever since when I start a book or see a character in my head, within a day or two, he or she is usually physically standing in my living room.  I can’t explain it and I don’t know how they do it, I really don’t.  But, there they are, as real as anything else in this world.

They eat, they sleep, they watch my TV – please, don’t try and explain feminine products to a Callithan Warrior, it won’t end well! – They complain, they demand and until I get their story on paper, they just won’t leave me alone.

I tried at first, to ignore them.  I really did.  I swear.  But, I quit that little experiment when a Malkian’s Rothound ate through my carpet and the hardwood floors underneath out of sheer boredom.  I’m sure you can imagine what lie I had to tell my landlord over that one, can’t you?

Sorry, I’m digressing here.

Anyway, my life is strange in the best of times and horribly inconvenient in the worst.

I noticed things had gone quiet in the kitchen.  Saving my work to the Cloud Server, I stretched out of my chair and went to see what my three latest visitors had gotten into.

An Elf, a Half-Dragon and a Quillen Smuggler being silent is never a good thing!  Trust me on this.  I’ve learned from experience.  Any one of them alone isn’t so bad, but you get all three together, in a strange world full of new things to kill, eat, destroy, steal, whatever and the likelihood for mischief ensuing is very high.

And I wasn’t wrong.

My kitchen was empty.  The backdoor stood open and I sighed.

Pinching the bridge of my nose, I headed back into my living room, scooped up my keys, a wad of cash – I was probably going to need it – and my cellphone.  Locking up the house, I headed out to my street and turned right.

Niro loved his drink, he’s quite fond of Corona for some reason, so I headed for Ketchen’s Pub and Grill on the corner.  Knowing Half-Dragon’s as I do, I figured if Niro was thirsty and Cale was still hungry, the place would satisfy both their needs.  Tonthor probably just tagged along for the ride, or the fun of it.

Again, I wasn’t wrong.

I pulled open the door bare seconds before one of my neighbors came flying out of it.  I sidestepped calmly then entered to find all three standing back to back in the middle of the room.  Surrounding them were six of the men that frequented the place.  Joe, the owner/head cook/, well, he did it all, stood behind the bar, calmly wiping down a beer mug, seemingly unconcerned with the knock-down-drag-out-brawl about to consume his establishment.

Thankful I’d brought the cash along, I strode up to the long wooden monstrosity over which I’d consumed many an alcoholic beverage over the years and slipped up on a stool.  Tapping the oak, I asked the most logical question.  “So, who started it?”

Joe, an older man who threatened to sell and retire to Florida every chance he got, pulled a draft and slid it toward me.  “Oh, don’t worry.  Your boys are innocent for once.”

I sipped from the mug and smiled at him over the rim.  “That’s good to know.  The usual rate then?”

Joe laughed, surveyed the damage already done and I knew he was calculating what was to come in his head by the shrewd narrowing of his grey eyes.  “Yeah, that should cover it.”

I dug the wad out of my back pocket, counted out a grand, laid it on the bar then turned to watch the mayhem.

Cale, with his dark hair, darker eyes and classically angular face looked ready to kill.  He was new to my world and I had no idea if he would or not, so I kept careful watch on him more than the other two.

Tonthor and Niro had been visiting me for years, on and off, so I knew they’d never actually kill a human – we’d discussed this – so I wasn’t overly concerned about them.  They were both aware of my world’s laws and what could possibly happen if they did.  Oh, they’d give the rednecks around them a good ass-whoopin’, of that I had no doubt, but they’d never do permanent damage.

Cale, well, he was still an enigma.

I briefly worried he might shift into a dragon or something, but according to him he couldn’t, he was only Half after all, so I tabled that concern for another time.

Right now, I was just going to enjoy the show…and make some notes while I was at it.  One thing I’ve always prided myself on in my writing was the level of reality I’m able put into it.  Of course, having one or more of the main characters sitting next to me helps a great deal.  There’s nothing better than the first-hand account of a story, let me tell ya!  But, sometimes they aren’t as forthcoming as I might like.

It happens more often than not with the men if you must know.  Getting them to open up about their emotions is always difficult, at first anyway.  Once they trust I’m going to do them justice, or they visit me again and find their first story has done well in my world, they tend to be a little more talkative.  But, in the beginning, it’s like pulling teeth from a Florida Gator…a really big one!

So, I was going to use this time to watch, Cale especially, and get a handle on him.  I hoped…

Before things could get started this time, the door opened again.  I couldn’t tell who it was at first, with the sun streaming in from behind, but he was definitely male and wore a very big hat.  After a moment, I recognized the shape of his body and grumbled out a curse.

The Sheriff.  Well, crap!

He strode in and from his glower, I knew this was not going to be pretty.  At all.

Not for the first time this morning, I wasn’t wrong.

He walked across the room and right up to me, ignoring the other ten men in the room.  “Figured you’d be here.”

Sheriff Ronon Wulfdrak was the most handsome man I’ve ever met.  His blue eyes sparkled all the time, whether he’s happy, sad, angry or aroused.  His square jaw, high cheeks and rugged brow never flinched, unless he was dealing with me, of course.  His wide shoulders, thick, corded arms and barrel chest filled out the uniform oh so nicely and I had to cross my legs to stop the tingle his proximity always caused.

He was also the bastard that had started the mess that was my life, the one I’d looked up at that night six years ago.  I stared now into his narrowed and yes, glittering blue eyes and lifted the mug in salute, hoping the vibration his deep baritone had sent through my chest didn’t show.  “Sheriff.  There a problem?”

His eye twitched and I knew this wasn’t good.  “You bet your happy ass there’s a problem!” he growled.

Now, when I say growled, I mean that quite literally.  You see, Ronon is a wolf.  Not a werewolf, but an honest to Gods wolf.  Or, he was in his world, before I so rudely pulled him into mine and made him human.  His words, not mine, please understand that.  But, more on him later.  For now, I set the glass on the bar again and gave him my full attention.  Which wasn’t hard, at all, he’d had it since that night six years ago.  “What can I do for you, Sheriff?”

He growled, again, and his lips pinched into a hard line.  “You can come down to the jail and collect your,” he paused and huffed out a derisive snort.  “Latest victim.”

Oh good grief.  More?  Ok, something was wrong.  I usually only had one, maybe two friends, as I’d come to think of them over the years, around at any given time.  Three was a stretch for sure, but four?  I slid off the stool and waved my hands at the boys.  “Come on, back to the house…”

Everyone, including the rednecks, groaned – I think Tonthor may have even whined a bit – but they complied.  At least mine did and a few minutes later, I handed my keys to Niro, shooing them down the street.

Ronon stood next to me on the sidewalk, tapping an impatient foot while I watched to make sure the trio followed my orders.  I let him wait.  Mainly because I enjoy getting him riled up, greatly enjoy it if you must know.  Ok, getting ahead of things again.  I am sorry about that, but where the big Wolf is concerned I just can’t help myself.

Only after I heard my front door slam did I turn and give Ronon my best smile.  “After you, Sheriff.”

He huffed out another of those derisive snorts and grabbed my upper arm to guide me to the cruiser he’d parked by the curb.  He opened the door on the passenger side and none too gently shoved me toward it.

I folded in and he slammed the door, almost catching my foot.  Like I said, he’s not happy with me, hasn’t been for a long time.  I know this and deftly pulled my poor appendage out of the way before he could get it.  After we’d gotten underway, I baited him for probably the hundredth time since we’d met.  “You know…if you’d just talk to me, you could probably go back.”


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