The New Cover!

Check out the new cover for the edited, expanded, new edition of The Kingdom, coming VERY SOON (like, maybe even tomorrow). Special thanks to artist Tali Pryor and designer Melissa Newman. Let me know what you think!

Side Effects Reaching Kids at “A Place Called Home”

This past Saturday, forthcoming Martin Sisters author Sandra Gluschankoff presented Side Effects to four separate workshops at A Place Called Home in Los Angeles. The focus of the workshop was relationships, and Sandra asked me to prepare an introduction for the event. Because the relationships in Side Effects are extremely important, I thought I’d share … Continue reading Side Effects Reaching Kids at “A Place Called Home”

A Moment with RJ Burroughs

RJ Burroughs is one of the newest members of the Martin Sisters Publishing family. His book, The Boys of 58, is a coming of age story told with RJ's unique humor and insight. No matter when you were a kid or what kind of trouble you got yourself into, you'll see a bit of yourself … Continue reading A Moment with RJ Burroughs

Taking Your Requests

I feel like a radio DJ, taking requests for blog topics, but the truth is that I just didn’t know what to blog about. To my utter disappointment, Liam has followed his beer-making instructions step by step, so there have been no major mishaps. With nothing else to talk about, I had to ask on … Continue reading Taking Your Requests

A Brief Moment with David J. Kirk

Any day now, a new book will be released by Martin Sisters Publishers.  David J. Kirk, the author of Particular Stones, took some time to answer a few questions for me.  I humbly submit these answers to you, so that you might learn a bit more about this fun, intelligent, and supportive author.  Take some … Continue reading A Brief Moment with David J. Kirk