Wraith Enchanted Cover Reveal!

Get Ready for the Second Book in the Mesmerizing Wraith Series

Eeeek! Melissa Fox (who, as everyone knows, is one of my favorite people in the world) just received the cover and release date for book two in the Wraith series, Wraith Enchanted. Because she maybe loves me as much as I love her, she’s letting me share the amazingness here. First, let’s see what this story is about:

Wraith Enchanted

Celia Brian is a witch—and that’s not the worst of her problems. She’s been in love with spell-catching Wraith warrior Jonas Grey her entire life. Sparring partner, friend, confidante—that’s all she expects from Jonas. Beautiful golden gods aren’t meant for mere mortals, even if she does entertain fantasies every once in a while.

After demons murder his wife, the only focus Jonas has is killing his enemies. He lost his Amorta, his soul mate, and doesn’t deserve to be interested in another woman, especially not his good friend and boss’s daughter.

When Celia unearths an ancient riddle that triggers a series of attempts on her life, Jonas’s protective instincts are roused. Bound by a prophecy that could grant their deepest desires or take their lives, Jonas and Celia engage in the age-old battle between good and evil, life and death, and male and female.

Excited? I thought so. Now, let’s look at the cover, created by The Wild Rose Press designer Kim Mendoza.

Paranormal romance novel Wraith Enchanted

So, so excited. Kim carries the brand seamlessly from the first book. If you missed out on that one, you can see it below:

Paranormal Romance debutWant to read a little bit of Wraith Enchanted? I thought so. Fortunately, Melissa is nothing if not generous. She gave me two from which to choose. I’m bringing the heat.

Check Out the Excerpt

“What do you do to me?” he murmured almost to himself as he examined her face. Her blue eyes widened, unfocused, pupils blown. His narrowed. “You’re not conventionally beautiful. You’re not what usually attracts me, but I’m attracted anyway.”

“Great.” She struggled to steady her voice, but the breathless sound made him want to eat her up. “That’s flattering.”

“I don’t mean to flatter. I mean to figure out what it is you’re doing to me.”

“Doing to you?” Celia bit out in a dangerous tone, and her eyes cleared from the thrall of their kiss. “You think I’m doing something to you? I have to use my powers to make you want me?”

He bit back the snappish retort, the snarl brought out by base emotions, and forced his voice to be calm. Even. Forced himself not to grab and run, take and keep. He was going mad. “Who said I wanted you?”

She arched a brow in disbelief, and her gaze traveled down his body to focus below his waist. He twitched and instinctively fought back. It wasn’t in his nature to be bested at anything.

“You do have beautiful eyes.” They shot back to his and widened. He lowered his lids, smoldering her, moving his gaze to her mouth. “Such pretty skin. So soft and smooth. Touchable. Can I touch you, Celia?”

Her mouth parted on a gasp, and he took it for permission. One finger traced along her cheek from the corner of her eye to her mouth.

“Lovely. You’re blushing. Does my touch do that to you? And your mouth.” He lowered his head a fraction of an inch. “So wide and soft.”

His fingertip brushed her lower lip, and her breath hitched. “Made for kissing, isn’t it? Can I kiss you, Celia? Will you let me kiss your pretty mouth?”

“Oh,” she breathed, eyelids fluttering. The enthrallment was back. “Oh. Yes.”

When to Buy

Wraith Enchanted will be available for exclusively for Kindle in July. You know I’ll tweet like crazy the moment it’s available. For print and all other eBook formats, Wraith Enchanted will be available October 18.

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