Early Praise for The Morning Star!

So, since the slightly early release of The Morning Star for Kindle, a few reviews have come in. I thought I’d share some of my favorite lines with you!

Between an incredibly likable female protaganist and her oh-so-desirable fairy king boyfriend, you’ll be swept away into an entirely believable fantasy. As Lily begins college at Julliard, she struggles with normal problems, like bullies in her classroom and the fact that an evil fairy queen is after her. Well, maybe some of her problems aren’t so ordinary. But this definitely isn’t an ordinary book, either.  – Amazon reader


The long-awaited sequel to The Kingdom certainly doesn’t disappoint. – Goodreads reviewer


I loved how Jennifer pulls the Irish legends into America. It makes Ireland seem closer to home. I loved this story and could not put it down. I read it straight through. – Goodreads reviewer


Yay! Thanks so much to those who left lovely words about the book. I’m so glad to share these thoughts with all of you. If you’re waiting for the print version, no worries. The proof arrives this week, so it will be available soon!



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