The Morning Star Is (Almost) Here!

Wow. Well, this post has been a long time coming. I finished my first draft of The Morning Star back in 2010. Words flowed like water, and I finished the manuscript in less than three months. During my first round of edits, my laptop was stolen, along with the manuscript. Guys, I hadn’t backed up my story. All I had were bits and pieces I’d shared with my critique circle, but that didn’t even equal 5,000 words. I pretty much had to start over.

The second time through was much harder. Not only did my heart break every time I sat down to write, but I also couldn’t remember some of the amazing plot points I’d introduced (or solved) during my first go-round. I struggled through the second draft over the course of a year and a half, writing and rewriting as I remembered some of the more important details. In the meantime, I managed to write two other books straight through (and back them up DAILY to avoid further heartbreak), but The Morning Star was always there, screaming silently that it just wasn’t complete. A good friend talked me through some of the ideas I’d shared with her and reminded me of one I was so, so, so excited about, and that was it. I had the rest of the book.

Now, it’s here, finally. The second writing was brutal, but I feel the story is so much stronger. With the additional time, I was able to really flesh out some of the story, eliminate things that don’t matter in the long run, and really do Lily and Rioghan justice. I have to thank some INCREDIBLE people for their help in this journey – people who may not even realize how much they helped. As always, Melissa Fox, for her open and honest editing and her amazing friendship. Tiff Nichols, for always knowing where the commas go (and don’t go). Eva, Niki, Steph, and Gen for keeping me excited. And Grant Gill for this amazing cover.



The official release date is October 20, just in time for Halloween. That’s perfect, because this time, Lily and Rioghan investigate some American legends, like the Headless Horseman, and travel New England in the fall. I hope you’ll mark your calendars and pick up your copy when it becomes available. As always, it will be for sale on Amazon first, but you’ll eventually be able to get it from any of your favorite booksellers – both print and electronic.

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