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Life is always a bit nuts in the Barry House. I’ve been working as a content writer/project manager for a marketing firm here in Nashville in addition to preparing quite a few books for publishing. I know it’s been a long time since The Kingdom first appeared, and people may wonder if the second will ever arrive. I promise it will. It’s in the last round of edits right now, as is another teen paranormal novel that should be polished and ready to present in the next couple of weeks. In and around these things, I do other fun stuff, like running off to Kentucky to sing with the Corbin High School Jazz Band. One of my very good friends from college is now the director, and he asked me to join them to sing Gerswhin’s The Man I Love and Adele’s Skyfall.

Check out the Corbin High School Jazz Band. They’re really pretty amazing. The Gershwin and Skyfall are at 5:44 and 14:41 respectively. Enjoy!

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