A Night Out with the Barrys

Or, a Reality Show without Cameras We’ve tried a few times to get into Pomodoro East but have never been able to find a parking spot. Seems the best time to go is Monday night. Tonight was the night for some serious pasta—or pizza in Liam’s case. As you might imagine, most dinners out end … Continue reading A Night Out with the Barrys

Hypochondriac by Grey’s Anatomy

Liam and I somehow missed the Grey’s Anatomy train the first time around, so we’ve spent the last several weeks catching up on over 150 episodes on that amazing thing called Netflix. Yes, the Roku box is held in high regard in our household, just after beer and the cats…and the remote control. There’s some … Continue reading Hypochondriac by Grey’s Anatomy

Quit Being Creepy, Liam

This blog post may be a little hard to read for some, since it discusses the death of our pets. I mean this in a strictly hypothetical sense, because both of our cats are still alive and well. For some reason, I can’t seem to convince Liam of this fact. If ever there were a … Continue reading Quit Being Creepy, Liam