Marital Feng Shui

Or, Why We Need to Remodel Our Bathroom STAT

So, I got an office job. I’m still writing; I just do it while sitting around a table with a team of other writers. Because of this change in my life, I now have to make myself presentable each morning. It sounds like a normal thing. Lots of other couples in the world wake up at the same time and manage to get ready for work every day.

Why is this a problem in my house?

Now, to be fair, our bathroom is kind of small. Because our house was built before 1900, the master and guest baths were kind of…afterthoughts. Indoor outhouses, if you will. Still, I don’t need much room to put on deodorant or throw my hair up into a clip. For some reason, however, these five seconds I need during Liam’s bathroom time start World War III every morning.

On one particular day, my need for a bit of hair gel prompted a diatribe about how it was time to rearrange the furniture in our bedroom to promote better flow. For some reason, he believes this will give us more space in the bathroom. Male logic. I don’t get it. He is convinced, however, that moving the bed will make his life easier. A bit of marital feng shui, I suppose.

Personally, I think a bit of patience could solve the issue, but by all means, let’s move the bed. I don’t have enough patience for his impatience.

6 thoughts on “Marital Feng Shui

  1. I’m lucky that the hubs and I have different schedules. I work normal hours so I’ve got the bathroom all to myself in the morning. <3

  2. LOL! I love you guys. I’ll tell you, though, our bathroom is a nice size, and we still sometimes struggle for space if we’re getting ready at the same time. Especially because Willy refuses to use his own sink. When we bought the house, we went for the “upgraded” bathroom, which included a separate bathtub and shower and two sinks. Why he must use *my* sink is beyond me. I ask, and he says, “Because there’s a bunch of stuff in my sink.” I say, “Just move the stuff!” Then he comes up with some other excuse. I mean…if he used his sink in the first place, maybe there wouldn’t be random stuff in it! Right now, there are a pair of scissors, a plastic bag from Target (just the bag!), a ribbon, an electric razor, and a cup. The sink has become a catch-all; therefore, my sink is the only useable one. Obviously. I mean, where else could one possibly put a plastic bag, a ribbon, a pair of scissors, a razor, and a cup? Certainly not in the trash can, a drawer, a basket on the counter, amd the kitchen, respectively. That just wouldn’t be right.

      1. Why didn’t I think of that? 😉 And if I tell him it’s Liam’s idea, he’ll definitely do it.

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