Ahem…Attention Please

I have some fun news of the book variety, and probably a bit of a surprise for many. For the past nine months or so, Melissa Fox and I have been working on a contemporary romance novel about a fiery chef and a hot hockey player. We were tagged by Lisa Hanna Wells in The Next Big Thing blog hop and thought this would be the perfect time to unveil the book. There was just one small problem.

We had no title.

Never fear! I work with a team of skilled writers who were all too happy to share their inspired suggestions. Thanks to Robert Coles, Jasmine Henry, Richard Foshee, and Jonathan Illig, we had the following possibilities from which to choose:

Trapped In The Penalty Box

Love Between the Blue Lines

Forking and Pucking

Of Pucks and Men

Icing the Cake

Pucks and Prejudice

Crosscheck My Heart

Pucks and Petit Fours

Love in Slippery Places

As brilliant as these titles are, we’re happy to announce the working title is Final Score, and we have a little blurb to share with you.

Chef Anna Bloom studied and sacrificed for years to open her own restaurant. Her dream finally within her grasp, she doesn’t have time to get knocked on her ass by a NHL bad boy, no matter how gorgeous he—and his abs—might be.

Connecticut Clippers star Brody Clark likes his life just fine. He’s put his wild rookie days behind him and has the Stanley Cup in his sights. But when he gets checked by a pretty redheaded cook, his free agent days might be over.

‪Crazy schedules and roaming paparazzi are just part of the deal, until Brody gets mixed up with the wrong publicity-seeker on the biggest night of Anna’s life. Anna’s star rises, while Brody’s takes a hit and crashes the boards.

In the midst of a celebrity machine hungry for scandal, Anna and Brody reach for the most ambitious goal of all: falling in love.

Next week, Melissa and I will be back to answer some questions about Final Score, and we’ll tag some more authors so you can go see what their Next Big Thing is. In the meantime, take a trip over to Melissa’s site and check out her debut, Wraith Redeemed, which will be released in print in just a few short weeks.

16 thoughts on “Ahem…Attention Please

  1. Awww, Forking and Pucking definitely seems like the right title! Definitely! heheh. Looks interesting Jenny. Can’t wait!

    1. It’s definitely a departure from my usual fare, and that’s why I’ll be using a pen name. This is right up Melissa’s alley, though. Very excited to share it for the first time!

  2. Love the title suggestions but I think you picked the right one. This new books looks really good and I’m looking forward to reading.

    1. Thanks, Em! I think we picked the right title, too, but we definitely enjoyed the giggles while they lasted. We can’t wait until it’s ready to share!

  3. Thanks, everyone! We’ve both been so excited to finally start the introductions to Brody and Anna. We’re about halfway through the final self-edits, and then time to start looking for the right publisher…ah, almost submission time. Yikes!

  4. Oh lord, those titles killed me. I have a few bad ones to contribute:

    Cooking In The Crease
    He Shoots, She Scores
    Served Top Shelf

    Somebody please stop me. Seriously. Stop me.

      1. Wristers and Ranges
        Entree Into The Neutral Zone
        Offside Dishes (groan)
        Defensive Zone Desserts (double groan)

        I know I’ll think of more tonight…

  5. Ok, I thought of some more. Please forgive me.

    Cross-check, Please
    Too Many Menus On The Ice
    Penalty Box Lunch
    In Lord Stanley’s Cup (that one just sounds like a bad romance novel)

    Yeah, I think Final Score is your best bet. 🙂

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