I Don’t Believe in Curses

Heh. No one who’s read my blog believes that title. It’s obvious I think I’m a jinx at times, especially when it comes to the companies I work for or write about. There’s another curse that’s hung over my head for most of my life, but I’m happy to report it did not strike this year. That, my friends, is the dreaded birthday curse. There is enough evidence to support this might be a real…thing. First, my mom claims the very same birthday curse, so there’s the possibility this thing is hereditary. Thanks, Mom. Second, my past is littered with job loss, car accidents, pet death, emergency room visits, illness… You name it; it’s probably happened to me on my birthday.

This all held true until a few years ago, when I visited Ireland for the first time. We just happened to be there over my birthday, which was the most amazing gift in and of itself. Somehow, that trip erased the birthday curse. The year before that, I’d lost my job on my birthday. Before that, I had a blinding migraine on September 20th. Before that, a double ear infection. Before that…well, you see where this is going. I am thrilled to announce that nothing horrifying or even slightly irritating has happened on my birthday since that amazing first trip to Ireland, but I can promise you I’m knocking on wood so hard it’s hurting my knuckles.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making yesterday so very special. In return, I want to give you this little video by some friends of mine – the band Yours Truly. You’ll recognize the first line of the song. I stole it for my blog title.


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