What’s the Buzz…

In the Barry House, the buzz is coming from a saw. Things have been super nuts around here because…WE’RE BUYING A HOUSE! I know, I know. We’re serial renters. What’s the world coming to? We love our house so much, we pounced on the opportunity to buy it. Before everything closes, we had to have some stuff fixed. I thought I’d share some of the progress with you, perhaps as an apology for being so absent lately. Enjoy the mess!


There used to be a closet here…

But not anymore!

Now the closet is on this side of the wall.

New floor-to-ceiling closet in the back bedroom.

A corner of the new deck and a pile of the old one.

Posts in place for our new fence.

Keep fingers crossed for us, please. I could jinx the whole deal by telling everyone we’re buying a house. Anything could go wrong, and we all know my history…


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