You’re a Mean One, Mrs. Grinch

Last week, as we were ramping up to the Christmas holiday, my husband came home with little boxes of candy from work.  He was excited to share them with me, especially the stuff he didn’t particularly care for.  As he pulled out certain pieces, he announced who made what.

“Shayne’s wife made these…”

“Tommy’s wife made these great little cookies…”

After a few moments, my eyes widened as I realized every last one of his coworkers has brought something lovingly prepared by their wives or significant others.  Everyone had offered something as a holiday gift…except me.

I was horrified.

“They all must think I’m a terrible Scrooge!” I wailed.  “I would have gladly made something for you to give them.”

And I would have, too.  I like all of his coworkers, and I’m pretty sure they like me – at least, they like reading my blogs about the silly things my husband does.  The problem was that I wasn’t given a chance to provide goodies, as I didn’t even know people were planning to contribute.  In fact, my offer to bake cookies was brushed aside with reassurance that no one would go through the trouble, so I didn’t need to either.

But I held the evidence in my hand, in the form of tasty homemade hard candy.

To calm me once more, my husband assured me that all of his colleagues were familiar with my kitchen exploits, and they considered it a Christmas gift that I hadn’t sent something along.

Well, then.

“For the record, it’s nearly impossible to mess up slice-n-bake cookies,” I informed him.  I said “nearly” impossible, because it’s hard to destroy them, but it’s not impossible.  I know.  “I could have made those!”

Instead, I must live with my Grinchy reputation, which is saddled on top of horror stories about my cooking. This is somewhat sweetened by the candy he brought home, though.  Michelle really is a master in the kitchen.

(Also for the record, I don’t think I’m a bad cook at all. I think I’ve had a few mishaps on an epic scale, but nothing life threatening.  I also don’t think Liam’s coworkers discuss my lack of kitchen prowess.  I’m pretty sure he’s the culprit, and that they would have all loved my Pillsbury’s cookies.)

Hope you all had a merry!

4 thoughts on “You’re a Mean One, Mrs. Grinch

  1. Jen, I am convinced Liam is conjuring up tall tales about his co-workers feelings towards your cooking. And, who is this Michelle person that is a master in the kitchen? Not this one! lol I cook only when I must.

  2. My family is all chocaholics. We get that from my mom, who baked THE MOST DELICIOUS chocolate pies for holidays, b-days, etc. I got the recipe from her as she aged, and since she’s been gone, I’ve been baking the pies for our family dinners at Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s ALL I’m required to do, and everyone always says I do mom proud.

    Unfortunately, this is a chocolate MERINGUE pie, and meringue and I have a mutual hatred. It refuses to stiffen, and I refuse to switch to cream toppings. So my meringue always looks limp (I’m told it’s delicious by everyone else) and slides around the top of the pie after baking. Still, it could be worse I guess. My mate might have forgotten to tell me I needed to bake anything. 🙂


    1. Ohhh, I love a chocolate pie, especially when the meringue is just right. I’m jealous of your ability to make them. Have you straightened out the meringue situation now that you know what the problem is, or do you have to wait until next holiday season to try again?

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