Shriek Now Available for Pre-Order on Amazon!

I’m so excited to announce that a project (labor of love) that has taken nearly five years to complete is almost here! Shriek: The Legend of the Bean Sídhe Part One is now available for pre-order on Amazon!

This New Adult Paranormal Romance (more on the sweet side than the steamy) asks what would happen if banshees were not only real, but also a human, just like you and me.

Sara Donovan is a banshee. Well, that’s what her father says. Her mom just thinks she needs a good psychiatrist. When she wakes the morning after her eighteenth birthday screaming her head off outside some stranger’s house, she’s inclined to believe her dad’s side of the story. She can’t control her shrieks – not when they happen or who dies – but things could always be worse. She could have a crazed madman determined to kill her, thanks to her newfound talents. Or, she could find out her long-time crush is the next to die.

Ridley O’Neill isn’t exactly unaware of Sara. As a long-time patron of her father’s diner, he’s watched her grow up. Now that she’s eighteen, she’s not the gap-toothed kid who used to serve him sweet tea. His current thoughts would send her mother the mayor into an apoplectic rage, since his family might as well have built the wrong side of town. Also, there’s a chance Sara is crazy. She’s convinced she’s a banshee and he’s on her hit list. Still, he can’t stay away from her, protecting her from a dangerous legacy, even knowing that her life saved means his is forfeit.

What can unbind the ancient banshee’s curse? With time running out, Sara and Ridley must choose between chasing answers and chasing love.

You can pre-order the Kindle version on Amazon right now, and it will be delivered to you on December 19. Thank you so much for your support as I brought Sara and Ridley to life. I hope you enjoy their story.

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