Our Sweet Girl, Rosie

Today we said goodbye to a long-time companion, our sweet girl, Rosie. Rosie was a rescue kitten who almost didn’t get rescued. Liam went with the intention of taking one cat, but after seeing shy, quiet Rosie in the corner of the cage, he thought again. After a week of agonizing, he had to go back and get her. And that’s how her life with Liam began.

When I met Rosie, she was skittish but accepting. We quickly became friends and went on several adventures together. She and her sister, Luna, moved with us to New Jersey and braved life with a dog for the first time. Then we all packed up and moved back to Tennessee after a year. By the time we settled here in Nashville, Rosie and I were tight. She still preferred Liam, but I suppose I could never fault her for that. He was her savior, after all.

Rosie was like a prize to all who visited. Because she was so shy, she rarely came out to greet anyone, preferring instead to hide under a bed or in a cabinet somewhere. Those precious few who did get to meet her and even spend time with her commented on her beauty, her gentle nature, and her silky soft fur.

Don’t be fooled into believing Rosie was a pushover, though. She knew how to stand her ground, especially when facing down Luna or the newest member of our family, Hurley. She was a fierce warrior when her turf was challenged but always returned to peaceful acceptance when the battle was over.

Liam had fourteen beautiful, loving years with his darling girl. I was fortunate to have almost ten. I can say with certainty we will never stop missing our sweet, fierce, loyal, shy, loving little girl, Rosie.




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