Get Your Own Tiramisu

small_4473583479So, it’s been a while, and the last blog I left you with was a cheering of sorts in the middle of a rough winter. But spring is finally here…kind of. The weird snow we’re supposed to get tonight that probably won’t actually happen anyway is just a little hiccup standing in the way of the flowers blooming this coming weekend. To get us through this little cold snap, I’m back with probably the funniest Liam story ever. Maybe. You be the judge.

Because of Liam’s work position, he often gets treated to lunches and dinners. Sometimes he has to listen to a sales pitch; sometimes it’s a presentation. I’ve been to a few with him, and the room is often filled with dozens of other IT professionals chowing down on free food. If he’s lucky, it’s a one-on-one meeting, but that wasn’t the case today. Today, a whole room watched this unfold.

When he arrived at Maggiano’s, Liam was escorted to a table set for eight. Only four turned up for lunch. The food set aside for all eight was instead distributed to the four, resulting in some pretty large portions. Liam said he did his best, but he really wanted to save room for the tiramisu.

They finally set the dessert dish down next to him. He picked up his fork and went to town, eyes never leaving the screen that showed the presentation.

After a few bites, he noticed the guy next to him reaching over with a fork to get a bite.

“What’s this guy think he’s doing? He needs to eat his own.” Liam dragged the bowl away and shot a glare in the thief’s general direction.

And that’s when he saw it: Everyone else in the room dishing the tiramisu from several large bowls onto individual plates. Sharing. Sharing the dessert. The dessert he’d just nearly growled at someone over.

Now, I’d have burst into flames of embarrassment and run from the restaurant without a glance back. Liam, however, has agreed to let me share this story with you because he’s awesome. And because I haven’t stopped laughing for about two hours.

Happy spring!

photo credit: VancityAllie via photopin cc

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  1. Today has not been filled with happiness on our side of the world, but this… this made me chuckle..even the kids asked me why I was laughing!! 😀

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