Fun News of the “FINALLY” Sort!

Announcing The Oracles of St. Ambrose: Going Under

Hey, I’m fist-pumping, even if you’re not.

There’ve been so many setbacks, I can’t even name them all. You’re all still patiently waiting for The Morning Star (which will have its own FINALLY moment very soon), but in the meantime, you can sink your teeth into The Oracles of St. Ambrose: Going Under. This fun teen paranormal mystery is pretty much my pride and joy (for the moment.) I thought it would never arrive, especially after a mishap with champagne and the laptop had me convinced I’d never recover all my files. Guys, back up yo’ stuff. You’d think I’d learn my lesson after pushing back Morning Star due to laptop theft. I did not.

I digress. I ramble when I’m excited.

Before I share the trailer, I have some people I must thank. You’ll see the cover and some character shots, all of which are original. These are the work of Marshall Skinner – bass player for Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes, fantastic photographer, and all-around nice guy. Marshall took time out of his busy schedule last summer to do the shots (before the epic champagne disaster) and has probably been wondering what on earth happened to those photos ever since. Well, here they are!

I must also thank Nathan Merli of Heyrocco for agreeing to pose as the main character, even if a flat tire prevented him from doing so. His willingness to help should not go unnoticed. Susan Hisey features as Natalie, our snarky writer, and she saved the day by bringing along Greg Breal to fill in for Nathan. Greg was so perfect as the lead, I simply couldn’t stop staring. It was like he walked right out of my imagination! Finally, Bryan is portrayed by Christopher Gillespie, and I think you’ll agree he’s absolutely perfect for the job. His parents Tommy and Tracy were kind enough to allow him to sit in.

Then, there’s French Camp, whose song is so unbelievably perfect, I just can’t stand it. Owen, the lead singer and songwriter, has always been incredibly generous by allowing me to showcase his music in book trailers. I hope you’ll take a moment to seek out their other work.

And now, with a release date of August 24, I give you the trailer for Going Under, the first in The Oracles of St. Andrews series.

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  1. Thanks, Sandi! It’s always so cool to get a “congrats” from another writer, because if anyone knows how hard this stuff is, it’s you.

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