Marital Feng Shui, Part II

Battles and Compromise

So, Liam won the battle and moved the bed. I didn’t get in his way. Sounded too much like work to me. For any doubters, he claims he’s much happier with the situation and now can’t wait to get rid of the old box fan that lulls me to sleep every night. I’m keeping that one. Marriage is about compromise. And everyone knows compromise means the woman picks her battles and lets the man win the rest.

7 thoughts on “Marital Feng Shui, Part II

    1. The bathroom situation will likely be fixed by ripping it off and putting on a new one. So far, the bed move has made the morning rituals easier without removing a single tile from the bathroom. Who knew?

  1. Awww now Jen, don’t burst his bubble. Let him keep thinking that. That way in Round 2, when you “win” and rip up the bathroom, he’ll still think he’s on top because he won in the Bedroom…*sly wink*

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