Win WRAITH REDEEMED by Melissa Fox

That’s right! It’s here early – but only in Kindle format. This is the next paranormal romance obsession; I promise. And you can win a copy for your Kindle to read before everyone else knows about it. I dare you to enter the contest, meet Conor, and not fall madly in love. So how can you win? It’s easy. Leave a comment below for one entry. If you tweet the contest and/or book and include @MelissaFoxWords, like Melissa Fox on Facebook and leave her a message, add the book to your shelves on Goodreads and leave her a message, reblog with a link to this post, or otherwise spread the word, you’ll get an extra entry for each activity. It’s that easy. Now, you want to know what you’re about to go crazy over, right? Check out the excerpt below.


Melissa Fox

“I always knew you loved me, Conor.” Merry could barely hear her voice over the pounding of her heart. “I didn’t understand. I still don’t, not completely, but I knew. That’s why it hurt so much and why I could never forget. That’s why I had to come home.”

His free hand curled around her neck. She didn’t know if he intended to bring her closer or hold her in place. Her breath caught, and his expression changed to something she recognized, something that turned her breathlessness into searing pain. He pulled her up those last few inches and placed his mouth on hers.

Shock ripped through her the minute their lips touched. She gasped, rising to meet him with pent-up longing and frustration. After a brief, stunned moment, both his hands flew up to hold her face as she gripped his arms. She sighed in relief when his mouth opened over hers, the scorching heat making her head reel and her body want more. She accepted the touch of his tongue, pulled him in and welcomed him as she went blind with pleasure. The compulsion to keep taking and never stop overwhelmed her senses. His taste flooded her soul.

He felt so good.

Merry fought against the desire to ravish more than his mouth, to hold on to reason and keep the contact to just kisses. She had never expected to hold him close again, to be immersed in his heat and scent. Their unique connection proved just as strong as she remembered, and she savored the moment until she had to pull from his embrace or succumb to the temptation of his hovering mouth.

“Conor—” The look on his face gave her a hot thrill of excitement. “Conor.”


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