Win a Copy of MALIGNED by Kathleen Papajohn!

To round out the Blogger Book Fair, Kathleen Papajohn is giving away a few copies of her dystopian novel, MALIGNED. Two winners will be selected from right here. All you have to do is leave a comment. Winners will be randomly selected by that old pull-a-name-out-of-a-hat method. Take a look at the book, get excited, and then leave some words for Ms. Papajohn right here.


Phoenix is simmering in the heat of a lazy July morning in 2195 when the execution-style murder of a young boy shatters the complacency of a population that hasn’t seen anyone die from natural causes for almost two centuries.

Enter Malcolm Godfrey, a darkly brilliant alpha-male with an axe to grind. Malcolm’s insatiable appetite for power, money and women have made him a highly intelligent monster who is plotting the ultimate corporate take-over, a coup d’état. He believes that he is the chosen one, but there is just one more loose end to tie up before the final stage of his sinister plan can be put into motion. When Malcolm frames the beautiful wife of an ex-black ops specialist for murder, he finds that he has created an inescapable web of corporate deceit, danger and intrigue that culminates finally in a battle for mankind itself.

Kathleen Papajohn is the author of Maligned. Visit her website

2 thoughts on “Win a Copy of MALIGNED by Kathleen Papajohn!

  1. I really didn’t mean for it to happen…you have to believe me…
    All I know is that for me to be safe I must forever be on the run..I have put those I love in danger therefore I can never have contact with them again. My husband says we will fight til the bitter end. I pray that day will never come.

    Hope that I can see how this, one more page…yet I can’t put it down…book plays out. Thanks for the chance to win it, and enter into the world you have created.

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