Fun Stuff Coming Up!

So, there’s this thing happening over the next few days called the Blogger Book Fair. I’ve been preparing for a few days, and I’m really excited to unveil everything tomorrow. You’ll get to meet three great authors right here and learn about their books, their inspirations, and their umbrella choices. What? I ask weird questions sometimes. When all this gets started tomorrow morning, I’m also going to list every other blog participating so that you can check it all out. There are forty-three different authors spread over I-don’t-know-how-many blogs, so that should keep you busy and entertained for quite a while. I hope you’ll take some time to visit other blogs and learn about some of these authors. There’s a lot of talent out there that can’t yet be found in bookstores. You may find a new favorite. Until tomorrow, I’ll leave you with a link to the blogger who has organized this amazing book fair. She’s a fellow Martin Sisters author with an exciting book coming soon. Meet Kayla Curry, if you please.

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