I Found My Superpower!

Everyone wants a superpower, whether they admit it out loud or not. Do you want to be invisible? Maybe you want to be able to fly. Who doesn’t see the X-Men and wonder how to make the most of the mutant abilities? I don’t think about it often, but I do think about it. It just occurred to me this morning that I may actually have one of these coveted superpowers, but I’m not sure yet what to do with it.

To adequately explain my particular ability, I may need to tell a little story. My husband, the infamous Liam, calls me “The Cooler.” As far as I know, I don’t wreak havoc in casinos. I have, however, worked for three separate companies that closed down while I was in their employ. This is just a funny coincidence (I hope), but it brings endless entertainment to my husband, who loves to mess with me every chance he gets.

I don’t claim responsibility for these businesses closing. I’m sure they had problems long before I came around. However, I have noticed a disturbing trend regarding establishments that fold after I write about them. Whether in a short, unpublished story or a novel, many of the businesses I have called by name have since closed. I have a list. Want to see it? Okay.

Virgin Megastore in Cork, Ireland

Zavvi Records in Cork, Ireland (I made a quick switch to this store when Virgin closed, and the new store closed before the book could be published.)

Mulligan’s Pub in Nashville

French Quarter Café in Nashville

Mama Rose’s in New York City

Radius 10 in Nashville

Edit: The Kingsley Hotel of Cork, Ireland, which was featured in The Kingdom, has been closed due to extensive flood damage since November of 2009–the very month The Kingdom was released.

I feel like there are actually more to include. I must be forgetting some. As a direct result, I have learned not to specifically name any brands, designers, restaurants, coffee shops, stores, etc.–especially if they are personal favorites–in my writing. I lost some good hangouts when a few of these closed.

What do you think? Is this consistent enough to name as my superpower or simply coincidence? Just to be sure, I definitely won’t name specific people. To those of you who have had a character named in tribute, don’t panic. I’m sure you’ll be fine.

4 thoughts on “I Found My Superpower!

  1. You need a really good name for that superpower. Did you ever work for my husband’s former employer…? No, don’t answer that. 😉

    I don’t believe much in coincidences…you must indeed be…. A. Your superhero name is The Harbinger. 🙂

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