20 Things You Probably Don’t Know about My Sister

After reading the twenty things I posted recently, my sister wanted to give her own take on things.  As with all siblings, we’ve had rough patches, but no one knows me better than she does.  I think you’ll be amused to see her side of the story.  And with that, Allie speaks:

1. I’ve never held more than one job at a time…and at one point in my life…rarely held one at all.  Oh, and I prefer 12 – 10 hours of sleep per night.

2. I, too, have scars from the chicken pox.  I had them when I was 12, and my two scars are affectionately referred to as my “devil horn” scars.

3. Our dad tought me the basics of the stick shift in the Amigo in our high school parking lot.  Then I refined the techniques myself by driving aimlessly around Morgan County.

4. My middle name is Elaine.  I kept it when I got married and I long for the day when I can take back my maiden name.

5. I was involved in my first wreck with Jen behind the wheel when I was 15.  The first (and only might I add) wreck when I was driving was when I flipped my beloved ’94 Ford Ranger on my 18th birthday.

6. My closest friend lives back in Harriman, and I have never been outside of the country.

7. My musical ability falls only with my voice.  I played the flute in middle school & high school.  I also played piano for about 2 years, but the only skill I have left to show for that is “chopsticks.”

8. My son Isaac, Jen’s nephew, is cooler at 11 than I’ll have ever been at all the cool times combined in my lifetime.

9. When Jen lived in New York I was able to visit, but the company I took with me ruined that trip.  Many & millions of apologies again to you Jen.

10. My first date with my beau, Bo, lasted 4 days and we have been together a year as of this month.

11. I can’t play the piano, clarinet, trumpet, French horn, saxophone, percussion, guitar or violin.  I have, however, beat Super Mario World on Gameboy twice in one sitting.

12. My first best friend was my sister’s best friend Stacey’s sister Leslie, and my first boyfriend was Andy Duensing that lived down the street from us when I was 6.

13. My top five movies of all time are, also in no particular order, A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Boondock Saints, Forrest Gump, Snatch & Dogma.

14. I am mum on my feelings for N’Sync.

15. I have a severe physical dependency to Mtn. Dew.

16. I’ve fallen in every city I’ve ever visted and have fallen UP a set of stairs not once, but twice.

17. My favorite musical used to be Pirates of Penzance that we actually had on laser disk.  Then it was Les Miserables after our mom took me to see it.

18. Our mother used to have to wrestle me to fix my hair.  To this day…I still prefer it jacked up on the back of my head.

19. I paint my toenails.  And I’ve gotten pretty awesome at it, too.

20. That whole gospel album thing?  Yeah…not going on iTunes.  Period.

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