Photo Shoot!

One of the most satisfying things that comes with publishing with an independent house is the ability to offer creative suggestions.  When it was time to start thinking about the cover for Side Effects, I already had the perfect cover in mind, as well as the perfect photographer and model.  Fortunately, the publishers let me give it a shot, and we got to set up a photo shoot to create an amazing cover.  I’ve seen mock ups of the final product, and it blows my mind.  I can’t wait to share it with you, but until then, you can see a little photo shoot action with MD Laidlaw and Austin Lewis.


3 thoughts on “Photo Shoot!

  1. Jen, will you be using this new photo shoot cover for “Side Effects” or are you going to use the green one with the tennis shoes on it which some of us have seen?

  2. Hey, Dave! The green one was never really a possibility. It was just something fun to put up on the Facebook page to give the book an identity. Photos from this shoot will be used for the cover, and I’m so excited!

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