Blogging Archive…as such – October 30, 2009

Another missive about what a bad blogger I am, and then a bit of excitement about my first published book.  Wheee!  (That’s still exciting to me.)

I am the world’s worst blogger, it appears. It’s not that I didn’t think about posting, it’s just that… well, I just didn’t do it. My husband claims that I have no stress right now, and no responsibility, and therefore should have plenty of time. I have to call bullsnot to that, though. I have a book coming out in three weeks. (Please allow a moment for shameless self-promotion. Apparently, it shows up in google if I put a link As such, I’ve spent most of my days connecting with readers of Twilight and Harry Potter to tell them about the book and ask if they’ll consider it when they see it in stores. It’s embarrassing at times, for I’m not really the greatest at shameless self-promotion (earlier example excluded, of course.)

The upside to all of this, besides looking at a hard copy of the book that represents several months of hard work and hair-pulling, is that I’ve met people from all over the world. Seriously amazing people, with huge hearts and surprising intellect, that are daily reaffirming my faith in the human race. Yesterday, I received a box of goodies from Australia, simply because the girl that sent them is the sweetest thing that ever lived. A month ago, a delivery of syrup waffles from the Netherlands appeared on my doorstep. Liam seriously likes this part of me meeting strangers from other lands; the free food. I like the part where I contemplate just what is American enough to send back so that I can return the gesture.
It will be a huge rush, seeing the book on a bookshelf. It will be an even bigger thrill if I witness someone buying The Kingdom. The biggest rush of all, though, will be getting the chance to meet some of these amazing people face to face for the first time. I’m so grateful to have them in my life, but that’s something that sounds better spoken aloud and not typed into some tiny instant messenger box.

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