Blogging Archive…as such – October 19, 2009

As you can see, there was massive fail for over two years.  I came back!  With a blog about how I just can’t seem to keep a blog!

I’ve tried this before to, well, not necessarily disastrous results. I suppose I would call them more anticlimactic… ineffectual… perhaps even worthless. Nevertheless, I’m here again to give you bits and pieces of my everyday life. I can’t imagine how this could be entertaining, but I’m all about giving it a try.

I sit with a box of Godiva chocolates that were a gift from a recent houseguest, and I’m faced with the realization of how truly impotent I am in the face of anything created from the cocoa bean. I confess that I ate all the milk chocolate pieces first because, let’s face it, nothing but nothing is better than smooth, rich, creamy, milky, sugary chocolate. (Who’s rummaging for a Hershey bar? Anyone?) I’m contemplating my third piece of dark chocolate, wishing I still had the milk chocolate, but still unable to turn away the delicious dark chocolate. Am even eyeing that little wrapped piece that says 50% cocoa and I know it will be darker than even the dark chocolate. And still I drool.
I was just rewarded for my contemplation of the darkest of dark chocolate, for I found a hidden gem of milk chocolate below. I’m staring at it, willing myself not to pick it up, but knowing that I will. On top of that, I’m praying that it’s filled with caramel or, even better, more chocolate, but knowing that it will probably be filled with raspberry. Can I compromise and get mint? Mint is good. It’s not caramel or chocolate, but infinitely better than sullying good chocolate with fruit.

My completely ridiculous and asinine prayers have been answered, for I did in fact succumb to the call of the chocolate and find it filled with a creamy chocolaty, hazelnutty goodness that truly pushes the limits of cocoa deliciousness. I will put away the chocolates after this, for no dark chocolate, 50% cocoa will possibly stand after this bit of heaven.
I bid you adieu and leave you in the grace and favor of Godiva. Or a Hersey’s Kiss if you can get it.

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